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Ex-Air force chief named in chopper scam: Reactions and Developments

  • Tyagi says decision with regard to choppers not made by Air force

    After confirming that specifications for choppers that could reach altitudes of 18,000 feet were made in 2003, former Air force Chief SP Tyagi said that the final decision with regard to the procurement was taken outside the Air force.

    Tyagi told CNN-IBN in an interview that he had been in touch with the PMO over the specifications of the choppers required, although he strongly denied that he had come under any political pressure with regards to the deal.
  • Air Chief Marshal (Retd.) SP Tyagi to CNN-IBN: Key quotes

    "I am shocked and amazed by the charges against me. Sad day not only for me but my officers."

    "Ministry has done its internal inquiry."

    "Incorrect to say that requirements were changed in my tenure by air headquarters."

    "Changes were made in 2003."

    "Requirements were made in 2003. False to say that they were to suit AgustaWestland company."

    "The changes were made for good reasons."

    "I just want to know what was done by air headquarters. Whether in my tenure or not."

    "George Fernandes used to go to Siachen and that is when the 18,000 ft requirement came."

    "Cabin height of the helicopter did not suit the SPG."

    "In 2003, the government decided to open the competition. We will not go to Siachen and we will need a height 15,000."

    "I am not aware of SPG chief meeting AgustaWestland, we have nothing to do with it."

    "PMO was involved in 2003, thereafter it was the SPG."

    "This is not political, this is professional." (On being asked about Vajpayee and Manmohan)

    On relation with Julie Tyagi, Dosca Tyagi: "Yes, they are my cousins. To the best of my knowledge they have nothing to do with defence but that is my knowledge."

    "I do not have an explaination on the Italian investigations."

    "I want my name to be cleared, let's have an inquiry."

    "I am not a political animal, local politics will go on on who is from which nationality." (On BJP accusing Sonia because its a deal done with Italy).

    "AgustaWestland is actually an English company."

    "We never discuss procurement with politicians."

    "There is a whole department that deals with purchases. Of course the chief has the authority but truly the day to day thing is carried out by deputy chief."

    "In my tenure i found nothing wrong."

    "Whatever my cousins may have done, the accusation is on the height. If it was changed, how the Tyagis came into picture because it was done in 2003 and i was not the chief then."

    "Carlo (implicated by Italian authority) has been a family friend of my cousin."

    "Something has happened for sure. I don't know if anyone got kickbacks. I am only quoting from newspapers."

    "No input on who is to be blamed. I don't like pointing fingers. My system had nothing to do with it."

    "There are checks and balances, what has happened is beyond me."

    "None of the political bosses were in touch with me. I have not facilitated this deal for nobody."
  • How long will Congress hide corrupt bribe takers, asks Jaitley

    BJP leader Arun Jaitley has slammed the government for 'hiding' those who allegedly took bribes in the AgustaWestland chopper scam.

    "The Italian Govt caught the one who gave the bribe.Till when will India hide those who took the bribe?", he was quoted as saying to the media.
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